My Family Tree

Some of you will remember my first attempt at putting together a family tree entitled “THE BIGBYS OF JAMAICA.”  There were a few disgruntled persons who felt that not enough was included about them.  However, the vast majority was elated and complimented me on taking on such an arduous task.  Some others have even used it as the basis for making their own family trees which is what I encouraged. Still others have asked if I would revise the project since they were not included or did not receive a copy of the booklet I compiled.  Since the compilation and postage were quite a costly venture I have decided to post the revised project on my website instead. I have also decided to make this venture my very own family tree and encourage others to use it as a basis to establish their own if they care to do so. Others will find this family tree to be their complete family tree also.

There is a saying that “It takes two to tango”, but in this case it takes four parental grandparents, or great-grandparents or beyond for a family tree to be complete. I have therefore decided to use my maternal great-grandparents, Atkinson and Bucknor and my paternal great-grandparents, Bigby and Brown as the basis for this family tree. 

We must not forget that there are many other strands of family names that are omitted because I am not aware of how to make the lineage connections. These relationships are from oral tradition or word of mouth.  No further details were given but the information was accepted on all sides as being factual. I have however added the Johnson and Usherwood branches to the Tree even though the direct links are still somewhat hazy. Kindly note also that due to this situation some relationships are listed as “Unknown”.

As intimated in the original project the research is far from being complete or perfect. Names might still be omitted, dates inaccurate, but at least this can be a place to begin your own family research.